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Gold and Black Trousersuit Costume:

This costume is a one-of-a-kind - I've never seen another quite like it... It is also very well made and in perfect condition. The bra is Dina style and very comfortable and flattering; the bottom of the costume is a combination of a skirt, trousers and shorts! Underneath a top layer that is a cut-away skirt, there are trousers that have one long flared leg (with cutouts on the outer thigh) and one short leg. It's a fantastically funky costume that is great for floorwork. Made from lycra, it is covered with crystals...




Bra: C cup, bra band: 40.5 inches - see pictures for more measurements. There is a small amaount of padding.


Skirt/trousers: Length: 38 inches, upper hip: 32 inches unstretched, 35 stretched.

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To purchase, or if you have any questions regarding the costume, please contact Caasi.  

£140 + postage

Gold and Black Trousersuit Costume: