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Vintage Burgundy Madame Abla Costume:

This classic costume was made by the legendary designer Madame Abla - this costume has been used a lot - hence the crazy low price - but still has plenty of wear in it, and still looks good. The main wear and tear is on some of the gold droplet beads - the coating has worn away, mostly on the swag on the bra. This isn't hugely noticeable, and these beads could be repainted easily if you have the patience. I've included pictures of this. The belt is elasticated at the top and is easy to fit to your size. The arm bands originally had triangular pieces of fabric attached to them, but I removed them as I preferred them without, but they can be reattached very easily.




Bra: Backstrap: 33inches, Cup: B-C - please see photos for more detailed measurements. There is a small amount of padding.


Hip belt: Length 40 inches.


Skirt: Length: 36 inches.

£70 + postage

Vintage Burgundy Madame Abla Costume: