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Caasi is an expert at dancing with various props to spice up her performances...


One of the most popular props in bellydance, a veil is an elegant and graceful addition to a performance. Often used for a dramatic entrance, it emphasises the flow and expression of the dancer.




Probably the most dramatic and certainly the most dangerous of all props used in bellydance, sword dancing is Caasi's speciality. Dancing with a sword really adds the wow factor to a show as the dancer balances it on various parts of her body, demonstrating her balance and agility.



Dancing with a cane (raqs assaya) originated from the folkloric dances of Upper Egypt but is now a regular part of many bellydancers' shows. Skill and dexterity are necessary to perform with the appropriately playful style demanded of this discipline.


Finger Cymbals

Sagat or zills are a traditional instrument played by bellydancers to show their musicality and skill - Caasi is one of very few bellydancers in the UK to play sagat professionally.



Isis Wings

A relatively new addition to the bellydance repertoire, Isis wings are certainly an attention-grabbing and visually stunning way of impressing an audience, again often used for making a dramatic entrance.






Another modern bellydance innovation, fanveils are inspired by the fans used by Chinese dancers and are beautiful, elegant and eye-catching, really adding a magical quality to a bellydancer's performance.

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