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This costume is classy and fun - the colours are an unusual combination and really vibrant. I was told by my vendor that it is a Hanan - there are labels but the writing is in Arabic so I don't know for sure, however the style and quality of the costume seem very much like a Hanan. This costume has been worn quite a lot, but is in great condition (which shows how well made it is). The only sign of wear and tear is that some of the larger beads in the fringe have lost their colour and are now clear. This really doesn't affect the overall look of the costume, but I have reflected this in the low price.

It's made with a lovely funky red leopard print lycra fabric with a Dina bra that is elasticated for a snug, comfy and flattering fit. There is a slit over the left leg which is set off with a swag of pretty dark red fabric. The hem has been taken up by a couple of inches (see pics), but this can be taken down very easily if necessary.




Bra: Backstrap: 36 inches, Cup: B-C - please see photos for more detailed measurements. Unpadded.


Skirt: Upper hip:  33.5 inches unstretched, Lower hip: 40 inches unstretched, 43 inches stretched,  Length: 39 inches + 2 inches hemmed.

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To purchase, or if you have any questions regarding the costume, please contact Caasi

£150 + postage

Red and Turquoise Hanan:

Red and Turquoise Hanan: