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This fun and unusual costume is a light, comfortable and easy to wear professional costume, and has been worn a few times - despite this it is in good condition with only a few beads missing on the waistband of the skirt (and this is not at all noticeable). Otherwise all the beading and fringe is intact.  It's made with a vibrant royal blue leopard print fabric, featuring actual leopard images!) The waistband has had thick elastic added to it to help it stay up and the bra is Dina style which is very flattering. The accessories that I'll include didn't come with the costume originally, but match very well - they are a bracelet and a headband.




Bra: Backstrap: 35.5 inches, Cup: C - please see photos for more detailed measurements. There is no padding.


Skirt: Upper hip:  35 inches unstretched, up to approximately 39 inches stretched. Lower hip: 39 inches unstretched, 44 inches stretched,  Length: 35.5 inches at the front, 37 at the back.

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To purchase, or if you have any questions regarding the costume, please contact Caasi

Royal Blue Leopard Print Egyptian Costume:

Royal Blue Leopard Print Egyptian Costume:

£100 + postage