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£100 + postage

The gorgeous and unique costume was made by Shimmy Shop Designs and is very comfy to wear, as well as being stylish and elegant and a beautiful shade of yellow. It is in perfect condition, with lots of lovely chunky crystals.

The skirt has inbuilt shorts made from powermesh which hold the skirt in place very well, so the skirt will never slide around - the lacing can also be adjusted for a perfect fit.

The bra  has a lot of padding in it to fit a C cup, if removed it could gou to a DD or posibly even an E. I stitched ribbon to the bra strap to remove the elasticity - if this is removed it could extend another couple of inches.




Bra: Approx C - DD cup, braband: 29 inches. See pictures for more measurements.


Skirt: Length: 39.5 inches, Upper hip: 34-38 inches, Lower hip: 42 inches.

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To purchase, or if you have any questions regarding the costume, please contact Caasi.



Yellow Shimmy Shop Costume:

Yellow Shimmy Shop Costume: